What is the Difference Between Available and On Hand in Ship Hero

What is the difference between "On-Hand" and "Available" inventory in Ship Hero?

In your ShipHero Dashboard, you will see “On hand” and “Available” when you look at product inventory. 
Please see the definitions below:
  • "On Hand" is what is physically at the warehouse.
  • "Available" is the number that’s available to be sold and it’s the number we push to your store platform. 
    • This number is calculated by taking the "On Hand" number minus what’s already allocated to unfulfilled orders.
Let's look at the product "Celia Dress Lindel / size 2" as an example:
  • This product shows 43 units On-Hand (meaning in ACTIVE inventory) while 42 units are "Available." 
    • Only 42 units are available because one of the 43 units has been allocated to an order #1438, which is now ready to ship.
    • So "On-Hand - Allocated Units = Available Units."
If you decided to reallocate this unit to another order, you could do so

Allocated : The count of units that you have in stock and are owed customers from open orders. 

On Hand : The total count of a SKU physically in the warehouse. (Note, Available is the count indicated in your sales channels)  

Available: The number of available stock for any given SKU that is pushed to any connected sales channel. This is On Hand plus any additional Sell Ahead minus any allocations to open orders.

On Hand + Sell Ahead - Allocations = Available

Note: Sell Ahead can be set on a Purchase Order and is frequently used for running pre-orders.

Backorder: A backorder is the count of how many units are allocated to orders to open orders that DO NOT have On Hand in inventory.  

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