Purchase Order (PO) Statuses

Here is a List of all PO statuses and their Explanations. 

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  • Once the PO is created by a client, the status will be set as Pending until a tracking update has been given. 
In Route 
  • A tracking update has been given by the carrier. The Expected Date may be updated at this time
  • This status indicates that the shipment has arrived, but has not been received. 
Checking in 
  • The Receiving Manager or Associate is currently in the process of receiving the PO. 
Needs SOW
  • Once the PO requiring an SOW has arrived, the status can be changed to SOW in Progress.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) outlines the work to be done, provides a detailed description of specific tasks, and establishes a timeline for completion before a client's products are received and transferred within the warehouse to be shipped.
  • This status lets the SOW manager know that they need to send out a billing request associated with this PO. 
SOW Sent
  • After the SOW manager has sent an SOW form outlining the specific work that is about to be done, the status can be changed from Needs SOW to SOW Sent.
SOW in Progress
  • Once the SOW has been paid and the project is ready to go, the status can be changed to SOW in Progress.
  • If you have questions about the SOW project or timing, please message the SOW Manager or email Support@NiceCommerce.com
SOW Complete
  • Now that the SOW has been completed, the receiving manager can begin receiving the products listed in the PO.
  • After receiving the PO, mark the status as Closed.
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