How do I prioritize an order and update the shipping?

If you have an order that needs to be prioritized, below lists the steps to take if the order is not in our fulfillment process. 

If the order is already being worked on, follow this knowledge base article and add a Hold to the order

Prioritizing and Updating an Order:

NOTE: The changes made affect all shipments associated with the order. If you have "Allow Partial" enabled and have multiple shipments going out for an order, all will be updated to Ex. 2Day Shipping

1. Enable "Priority" and Up the Allocation Priority to "High"

Within the order, go over to the right side of the order into the Details

2. Update the Shipping by going into the Shipping Info window on the right side. Click on the Pencil in the Right Hand corner

3. Update the shipping to whichever service meets your needs

4. Check that your order says "Ready to Ship" to notate that the order is ready to be worked on

And that's it! If you have any questions, please reach out to for guidance

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