How ShipHero and Shopify Communicate about Inventory

ShipHero and Shopify do talk to one another on BUT inventory has to be adjusted in ShipHero

On hand inventory is a one way street from ShipHero to Shopify due to ShipHero being the source of truth for all management of inventory. 
Any SKU inventory changes made in Shopify  will not automatically update in ShipHero. Inventory levels/ on hand amounts have to be modified in ShipHero to push (one way street) back to Shopify
For new SKUs, Shopify does notify ShipHero when they are created, therefore ShipHero will automatically fetch any new SKUs created in your Shopify store.
  • SKUS: Shopify -> ShipHero but not other way around.
  • INVENTORY: ShipHero -> Shopify but not other way around
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