How can I calculate when to Replenish Product or Packaging?

What is Replenishment?

Replenishment is when stock is replenished (units moved from back stock to active stock) or when inventory is being reordered to restore (a stock or supply) to a former level or condition. 

Replenishment of goods is typically triggered when the inventory level hits a reorder point or also called the reorder level

What is a Reorder Level?

The Reorder Level is a predetermined level of stock or supply that indicates that a reorder needs to take place. When calculated correctly, the reorder level should result in replenishment inventory arriving just as the existing inventory quantity has declined to zero

Here is a Simple Way to calculate when to Replenish Inventory 

**Before calculations, processes and planning need to be put in place to consistently monitor inventory, performance, and lead times with vendors to ensure you have up to date information to accurately operate**

**The key is to find the sweet spot where you have enough inventory to meet demand (without the risk of stockouts) while also avoiding overstocking items.**

To calculate the reorder level, 

average daily usage (daily order rate) x the lead time (time it takes to manufacturer + transit) in days for an inventory item.

What is the problem with Overstocking?

Overstocking items raises financial costs because the investment remains in the warehouse without creating cash flow or profits. 

At Nice, we charge for product storage based on our sell through model. HERE you can find more information on this

Here are a few replenishment methods to consider:

1. Reorder point or Reorder Level/ Selecting a stock level that signals when it’s time to reorder inventory. 

Example: If you stock 1,000 hats, you may set your reorder point to when 200 hats remain in your inventory.

2. Demand Strategy / Replenishment is based on demand. This requires careful planning to ensure you've prepared for future demand fluctuations, your supply chain, etc. To help with this

Example: You have calculated that you need 100 mailers for a weeks worth of orders and you have 800 on hand. However, your supplier has a 3 week lead time needs a week to ship the items to Nice = 4 weeks

Want to chat about what is going on in the industry, how your brand can limit overstocking inventory, or something else? Email and we can schedule time to do just that! 

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