Cross Promoting with another Nice Partner

We love connecting brands. So much so that we can assist in 2 brands within Nice Commerce partnering on a cross promotion of their products - and more! Below is a bit more detail here on how this works.

Scenario: Brand A wants to partner with Brand B to retail Brand A's product on their site for a bundle.

  • In this scenario, Brand A is the 'Owner' of the partnership.

Once all details of the partnership are confirmed, Brand A will need to create the new SKUs on their site for the products that they will be retailing.

Then, Brand A places an order with Brand B in our WMS and that order is set to be a 'Pick Up Order'

Brand A places a corresponding PO in our system so that the items from Brand B can be checked in to Brand A's inventory.

And that's it!

Please contact if you would like to explore opportunities to cross promote with our brand partners.

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