How to add Tracking information into a PO

To add tracking to a Purchase Order or PO, a PO needs to be added into ShipHero. Here is an article on how to create a PO

Once you have added a PO, it is very helpful for the Nice Receiving Team to have the shipments tracking available. Nice knowing when a shipment is set to deliver will allow our team to plan ahead with staffing or SOW work which will help get your PO checked into inventory as quickly as possible. 

For questions around Nice Receiving Standards, check out this article.

Steps to add tracking to a PO:

1. Go to Purchase Orders / All Purchase Orders. Then click into the PO you want to add tracking to:

2. Once in the PO, look to the right "Details" section and find "Tracking Number"

3. From here, load in your tracking number:

For Small parcel shipments, just add the tracking number: 

For a freight shipment, add the carrier and PRO number:

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