How to Create an RMA (Return Merchandise Automation)

RMA steps 

1. In ShipHero go to the tab Orders > Manage Orders
2. Search the order number and click into the order
3. After clicking into the order scroll down on the right side of the page and click "Return Order"
4. Check mark all of the products being returned, enter the correct quantity being returned and under "Return Reason" select the reason for the return
5. Scroll down to "Return Options" under "Reason for Return" write in the details about the return
6. In order to email the customer the return label leave the check mark "Do Not Email Customer Return Label" un-checked (If you do not want the Return Label to send to the customer make sure to check this box)
7. Under "Shipping Info" Select the Return Label Type (in this situation you will select "Label Paid by Store")
8. You will then select Generate RMA in the bottom right corner (A message will then pop up saying "You have successfully generated an RMA")

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