FAQ: Returns Processing

Review the Nice Commerce Return program requirements and options here.

What is a return?

Returns, both anticipated and unanticipated, are part of the fulfillment process. Very simply, a return is a request for Nice Commerce to receive and perform actions on inventory that is coming back into our fulfillment centers. 

Returns coming into Nice can be a result of an order being requested to be refunded, exchanged, or the order has been returned to sender. Importantly, Nice does not handle refunds or exchanges to your customers. We simply process the inventory associated according to your returns preferences.

When are returns worked on?

At Nice, we process returns Tuesday through Friday 

How long does it take to process a return?

SLA: 2 Business days if the return is received as expected. 

If a return is received not as expected or SOW work is required, extra time will be alloted. 

What happens if a return comes into Nice without an RMA created?

1. Nice organizes returns based on the day that it comes into the Warehouse. If an RMA is not present for the return, the return is placed in a bin to be revisited the following week to see if an RMA has been created in ShipHero. If the return continues to circulate through the process without an RMA for 2 weeks, your Nice Support will reach out in regards to returns that need an RMA created.

2. Nice will create an RMA if the return is a "return to sender". RMA creation is priced at $2 for each RMA created. This will be billed on your monthly invoice.

Can I create a return label for international Shipments in ShipHero?

No, ShipHero does not have the capability to create labels for international customers.

How does Nice handle receiving in marketing material and packaging?

Returned marketing collateral and packaging will be disposed of at no additional cost nor are they counted towards the number of items returned.

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