What is an SOW?

SOW stands for Scope of Work and is treated as a work order by the Nice Commerce team. At its core, an SOW is a document that covers the working agreement between our client (aka you) and us at Nice Commerce. We use SOWs to make sure expectations are clear and agreed upon. 

What does the process look like?

Step 1: Determining SOW Needs - If an inbound Purchase Order (PO) will require extra attention, please notify support@nicecommerce.com upon PO creation to issue an SOW. 

However, the need for SOW may also be identified by the receiving or inventory teams (PO requires sorting, inventory that has incorrect UPCs). If this is the case, your account manager will reach out to you with details prior to issuing the SOW. 

If an outbound order will require extra attention (Amazon barcodes, hang tags), please notify support@NiceCommerce.com prior to order submission. We encourage having Routing Guides discussed with your Account Manager and made available to our Nice team in your Shared Drive

Should your Purchase Order (PO) require extra attention, it must first go through the SOW process before being received into inventory.

Step 2: Reviewing Estimate - When you receive the SOW (via PandaDocs for digital signature and payment), review the information detailing the project’s work requirements to ensure accuracy. Remember, the SOW is all about clarity and detail. Make sure all business terms and acronyms are defined.

Step 3: Signing and Payment - The PandaDoc contract must be signed prior to any SOW being scheduled or completed. 

Accounts must be in good standing before any SOW will be completed. If your account has outstanding or unpaid invoices, these must be made current, and payment for the SOW must be received before your SOW will be scheduled and completed.  

All SOW quotes are estimates - Nice Commerce reserves the right to submit an additional SOW if more work is required or apply a credit to your account if a project falls short of the anticipated cost.

Step 4: SOW Completion -  Once the SOW has been signed by the client and returned, the project will then be scheduled to be completed by the SOW team. Completion dates will be dependent on the current volume of projects in the SOW pipeline and will be communicated to you by your account manager. 

Step 5: Products Received - Once the SOW is completed your products will be ready to be received and placed in our warehouse to be shipped out. You will be notified by your account manager if any additional fees or credits will apply. 

How much does an SOW cost?

Due to the variable nature of SOW projects, SOW pricing is custom and will vary from project to project. However, for projects that are either recurring or applicable across multiple clients/projects, Nice can likely provide a per-unit quote based on your needs (Amazon labeling, barcoding, etc). Work performed by Nice due to a failure to meet our Receiving Standards will be subject to a $45/person/hour rate (to be quoted and approved before work is initiated). Before scheduling delivery of any products to Nice, please review our Receiving Standards to avoid any additional charges.

What if I need my SOW performed ASAP?

Nice offers the option to expedite and prioritize your SOW in the project pipeline. For prioritized SOW, a rush fee of 25% of the quoted SOW price will apply. Please note, this service is not always available and is dependent on current SOW volume - please reach out to your account manager for inquiry. 

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