Entering a Manual Order for a Third Party order or Outbound Freight with a Future Ship-date

This pertains to clients selling products via a third party platform or via a retailer, wholesaler, etc. that has shipping requirements with a future ship date

Before we get into the guide, it is important to already be in communication with the Nice Accounts Team about your approved third party accounts. 

We require ample notice of the addition of a third party account to ensure that everything is set up and ready to go. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to Support@NiceCommerce.com

How-To Guide:

  1. Send an email to Support@NiceCommerce.com about the pending order/ PO.
    1. Nice Commerce allows for an order to be entered before the official PO/ order has come over to reserve/ allocate units. 
    2. This order needs to entered in the following way:
  2. Enter a Manual Order for the shipment:
    1. For the order number, enter following THESE specifications to include how to enter the Shipping Carrier and Method 
      1. If you are still waiting on an order or PO number, then enter in as much detail pertaining to the shipment as possible. We will follow the third party's shipping instructions so that if a order/ PO must be included but was left off the order initially, we will provide this information at time of fulfillment.
      2. If the shipping requirements require that we bill to their carrier account number or they have other special requirements, then this needs to be detailed in the shipping requirements discussed with your Account Manager
    2. Enter in the email you would like to receive the shipping confirmation for from ShipHero.
    3. Enter in the units (in individual units) that you would like the order to allocate. Allocating units will reserve the units in the order.
    4. Save the order, and send a follow up email to your Account Manager.

Once the order has been input and your Account Manager has been made aware, Nice Commerce will pick the order and have the order waiting in our shipping department unit the order gets adjusted or the future ship date arrives.

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