Dropshipping for Third Party Platforms Shipping Standards

This pertains to clients selling products via a third party platform (Food52, Maisonette, etc), and fulfilling these orders via Nice Commerce.

Depending on the platform, some integrate with Shopify/ShipHero (i.e. Amazon) and some do not. If your chosen platform does not integrate with ShipHero, we will need each order input into ShipHero manually, in order to be fulfilled by Nice Commerce. 

Step 1: Log in to your third party platform (log-in information should be provided by the platform)

  • Choose a pending order 
  • Download label(s) and any required shipping docs for the order (include customs docs, if applicable)
  • Keep order information visible (order contents, customer name, address, etc)

Step 2: Open ShipHero and Create a Manual Order

You can find out how to create a manual order HERE

For Maisonette, when the manual order is created, please put "MAIS" in front of the order #. So for example, Order #32 will be entered as "MAIS-32" and the order number must match up to the shipping label you upload to the Google Shared Drive for Third Party Shipments. 

Step 3: IMPORTANT - Set Shipping Method for Third Party

For all third party orders you must select the shipping carrier as GENERIC, and the Method as THIRD PARTY.

This way, our packers will know that this order needs additional processing before it can be shipped.

Step 4: Save/Create the Order In Ship Hero

Step 5: Save the label to your Nice Commerce Shared Google Drive.

  • The label that was provided by the third party then needs to be saved on your shared drive under -> Shipping,Receiving & POs -> Third Party Labels.
  • Upload the label for your order in this folder, and title the file with the Order #/ID that the label corresponds to (see screenshot below)

Step 6: Using a 3rd party or retailers account # to ship

If you are shipping an order and the customer wants to pay using their own UPS or Fed Ex number, go into Ship Hero and under the Order Number, in the packer notes section, enter the corresponding account # along with the zip code of the account and alert your Account Manager that this information had been entered.  

IMPORTANT Items to Consider:

  1. If a Third Party order has been packed up and outbound labels are not supplied resulting in the order to sit in the Nice Shipping area for more than 48 hours the client will be charged $10 per case, per day until the labels are provided for the order
  2. If the Third Party order is cancelled, the product needs to go back into inventory, or the shipment sits longer that 10 days, a PO for a Receiving Order will need to be submitted and we will take the shipment to the Receiving Department to be processed.
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