How do I create a Kit in ShipHero?

Kits, bundles, and packs are all the same here at Nice Commerce. Whatever you want to call them, having kits available on your website is important to drive AOV and to create curated bundles available for your customers. Lets dig in! 

1. Contact your Account Manager about needing to get kits created via

2. These Kits will be added to your Dashboard in your Google Shared Drive:

3. Add in kit information into the Dashboard. *IMPORTANT* Please remember that in order to create the kit, the single unit SKU(s) needs to be in place to add components and we use that single SKU to receive PO's. 

**We have notifications set up where we are notified when changes are made or additions are added

You as the client will be responsible for loading in the kit information and your AM will be responsible for making sure everything is set up properly in ShipHero

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