Frequently Asked Kit Questions 😀

We know that kits in ShipHero can be confusing. How is inventory represented? How do I know how many units of a Kit are available?

Once a kit is active, the SKUs that make up the kit represent on hand counts. The SKU with the lowest inventory will represent how many kits you have available.

In the example above, the Vacation Pack SKU is XRB-245-T.

This kit's on hand quantity will be be lowest on hand for either SKU GGG-4 or SKU HHH-4.

If we have five (5) units of GGG-4 and (4) units of HHH-4, then the Vacation Pack will show 4 units on hand.

How will I know if we are running low on a kit?

You can search in ShipHero to see what your on hand counts are for kits. We recommend frequently checking in on your inventory to make sure SKUs are getting replenished. 

How should I create our kit SKUs?

This is SUPER important. In order to scale your kits and keep everything clean, we recommend checking out this article on how to name SKUs. This will help keep everything organized, allow for easy sorting, easy reading.. the list goes on

How are kits picked for orders?

Kits are picked at the SKU level. ShipHero will see that the kit has SKUs associated, and will automatically "break" the kit up for our Pick team to pick each unit. 

I would like our kits to be pre-assembled and on the shelf as one unit. How do I make this happen?

We can accomodate on a case by case basis. The kit step up in ShipHero would change and your kits would be pre-built through a Scope of Work (SOW). To learn more, please get with your AM about the process to find out more! 

How can I find which kits are in ShipHero?

When in ShipHero, go to the top banner and click on Inventory>Products. From here, you can sort and search to see which kits are listed:

If you would like to check if they are active, you can click into each kit and check the right hand side to see if "Active" is listed:

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