Drop Shipped Products

How to set up drop ship items to work with the Nice Commerce workflow, and how to keep your drop shipments separate from ShipHero automations.

*Get with with your Account Manager if you are looking to implement 😉*

Are you interested in shipping certain item(s) directly to your customers from your studio, a third party shipper, etc. while working in tandem with Nice Commerce?

We can accomodate on a case by case basis at Nice Commerce!

In addition to fulfilling orders that are stocked, picked and packed in our warehouse, we also offer our clients the capability for orders that contain items that are not fulfilled by our warehouses (including digital & physical products) to flow into ShipHero but they would be flagged to be fulfilled by "Drop Shipper". These order would flow into ShipHero but would not enter our workflow. 

In order to accomplish this, we need know which products in your inventory system should be set up for drop shipment/s.

What's Needed: 

Go into your Shopify account and and a tag "NICE-DS" to all SKUs that are drop ship items. Here is our recommended Apps to plug into your Shopify to enabled and organize tags

For example, if you are a jewelry company that is drop shipping your charm necklaces from your home studio, tag all charms and charm necklaces in Shopify with "NICE-DS." 

Your AM can then set an order automation to keep your drop ship items separate from our warehouse and they can be picked, packed and shipped by you. 

Drop Shipments and Incentive Order Automations

If you would like to add an incentive to purchase for your customers. i.e. "All orders over $150 receive one Big Bird with their order.." (or whatever you are adding on as a bonus), but you don't want this add on sent out from our warehouse for your drop ship orders, then speak with your Account Manager and we will set up an order automation in Ship Hero to  exclude all Drop Ship Orders from the this special order incentive.

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