Outbound Freight Shipping Standards

        These are the standards in which all items are required to be shipped Freight at Nice Commerce:

      1. Fulfillment time for any outbound freight order is 4 business days from the Order being entered into ShipHero unless Nice is experiencing increased volume periods, there are special shipping requirements and excluding federal holidays
        1. Special Shipping Requirements need to be discussed with your Account Manager well in advance to make sure Nice can meet these standards. Please reach out to your AM or Support@NiceCommerce.com 
        2. MO's or Order #'s must have Generic/ Freight listed as the Shipping Method. Please refer to How to Enter a Freight Shipment if you have any questions
        3. Once the MO's or Order #'s have been entered into ShipHero, the fulfillment team will prep the shipment to be ready for Pick Up by prepping the shipment or prepping based on provided shipping standards
      2. Please wait until the order has been fulfilled in ShipHero to schedule a pick up OR schedule your appointment in advance to give Nice Commerce and the trucking company adequate time to fulfill the order and meet the pickup window
      3. Outbound Freight appointments are set up HERE
        1. If Nice Commerce is brokering freight, please refer to your communications with Support@NiceCommerce.com in regards to timing

    IMPORTANT Items to Consider:

    1. If a Freight order is not picked up at its scheduled appointment time and sits in the Warehouse over 24 hours the client will be charged $20 per pallet, per day until the order is picked up by the carrier or cancelled.
    2. If the order is cancelled, the product needs to go back into inventory, or the shipment sits longer that 10 days, a PO for a Receiving Order will need to be submitted and we will take the shipment to the Receiving Department to be processed.

    Pickup Times and Locations:

    Carrier Trucks are required to come to Garage Bay 02 or 03 for pickups:

    Outbound Freight appointments are set up HERE

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