How to create a PO for receiving items at Nice Commerce

If you are shipping Nice Commerce new product or replenishing existing product use the below steps.

NOTE: We require 1 PO per shipment. Please only include information relevant to the single shipment. If more than 1 shipment are expected, please add the corresponding amount of POs

Step 1

In Ship Hero, select 'All Purchase Orders' from the Purchase Order dropdown.

Step 2

In the top right corner, select 'Create A Purchase Order'

Step 3

Under the Vendor Tab, Select 'ALL'

Under the Warehouse Tab, Select 'Nice Commerce | 7791 PC - Primary'


Step 4

Add the SKUs and quantities to the PO.

Step 5

Hit Save Order.

Step 6

Go to the PO and adjust the expected arrival date, add the tracking number, and feel free to add notes for our receiving department.

If multiple pieces are expected, please add that to the notes. 

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