Nice Wholesale

How Nice Commerce supports our partners growing wholesale needs.

Nice Commerce's standard SLA for Wholesale orders is 4 business days under normal volume periods and excluding federal holidays

All wholesale orders must be submitted with all required materials needed prior for expected SLA to be in effect. 

Wholesale Order Requirements:

  • All wholesale orders must be placed on 'Operator Hold' by the Nice Partner until all shipment requirements or standards have been communicated. Please reach out to for assistance
  • If the order requires LTL or palletized shipment, please review our Outbound Freight Shipping Standards HERE.


  • If a wholesale order is processed (ie shipped) as a result of the order not being placed on hold, or the order not receiving all necessary standards, the will be moved back to the receiving department and a PO will be generated. 
  • The order will require a new order placed in our system to be fulfilled accurately.
  • Once an order has begun being picked, packed, or is located in our shipping department it cannot be adjusted unless it is reprocessed as a new order (after the previous order has been submitted as a PO and restocked). Essentially, the order has to 'start over'

We have these standards in order to preserve accuracy for our partnering brands -  while maintaining speed an efficiency  on ever order and product.

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