Shipping to Amazon with Nice logging into Seller Central

*Please read through "Amazon FBA Shipments and How to Enter" before reading through this Knowledge Base

If you would like Nice Commerce to log into your Seller Central to work your FBA shipments, you will need approval from your Account Manager to be added to this program

For Nice to log into your Seller Central Account, we would be in need of our own dedicated login that has limited access to your Seller Central account. Nice would only work the FBA shipments that are booked to work the shipment in SC and download/ print all required labels, etc. as needed by shipment. Nice would also input any information necessary to close out the FBA shipment in Seller Central to be able to expedite your shipment. Note that sharing access is only possible with a professional Seller Central Account.

Steps for adding a FBA Shipment to ShipHero with Nice logging into your Seller Central:

1. If Amazon prep is required for the Amazon shipment (case packing, labeling, bagging, etc.) then message to request an Amazon SOW (To learn more about SOW, CLICK HERE!)

2. Manually add an FBA order into ShipHero using the following Order Number format  "MO_FBAshipmentI.D." (Ex. MO_FBA123678923)

  • Orders have to be added in individual units
  • Set the shipping Carrier and Method to Generic / Third Party
  • The order number (MO_FBAshipmentI.D.) will trigger a rule for the FBA shipment to be placed into our Amazon order process

3. Nice will fulfill your Amazon order and log into your Seller Central to verify and enter all required FBA shipment information

4. Nice to print and fix all labels onto cases, etc. from Seller Central

5. Nice to mark FBA shipment as "Complete/ Fulfilled" in Seller Central

6. Nice will make sure that the FBA shipment is scanned by the carrier so that the tracking confirmation is sent back to Amazon in a timely manner

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