Adding Product Tags in ShipHero

ShipHero has a lot of success latching onto Product or Orders Tags allowing ShipHero to have an easier time organizing and initiating automations. Having Order Tags or Product Tags in place allows Nice to trigger your desired outcome. 

For more information on Order Tags and Tagging in Shopify, please check out THIS ARTICLE

To add a Product Tag in ShipHero, 

1. Go to Inventory, then Products

2. Type into the Search Bar the desired Product/s that you are looking to update:

2A. For this example, I am looking to add "hat" as the Product Tag 

3. I then click into the desired Product/ SKU that I am looking to update. Here, I clicked into "Nice Logo Hat | Black"

4. Under "Details" on the left side of the Product Page, I am going to be updating "Tags". 

5. To update, I am going to hit the pencil in the upper right hand corner:

6. I then scroll down to the "Tags" section and I am able to add my new Product Tag here. Make sure to hit Enter so that the tag sticks

IT IS IMPORTANT to note that 1. ShipHero is case sensitive. Make sure your tag is exactly how you would like it down to capitalization

7. I have added "hat" as a Product tag

You can see from the above ^^ that other Tags are listed. Here, Order Tags are listed from Shopify.

If you have any questions here, please reach out to your Account Manager before updating Product Tags. We would like to assist before Products are updated

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